Who's Racing Next?

Date: Saturday 19 April

Club / League Start Time Type
Gloucester & District11:00amRO
Invicta Kent10:30amRO/Q
North Wales11:00amCL/Q
Shropshire & Telford11:30amRO
Southern League11:00amRO/Q


Racing On
Meeting Cancelled
Awaiting Confirmation
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Meeting details differ to Fixture Book
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Welcome to the Home of National Autograss

Autograss is a non-contact motorsport that takes place on an oval track of, although sizes varying by venue, approximately 400m using a natural soil surface. Due to the close nature of the racing, thrills and spills are never far away, which only adds to the atmosphere, felt at all 52 Autograss venues across five countries!

There are 11 NASA classes, differing by type of set up and engine sizes, from near standard 1000cc minis through to specially designed spaceframed single seaters with moster V8 or twin motorbike power.

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Latest News - THE Place to Find Information First

Scottish League Start Times - Please note that although the Fixture Book states 11.30am start time, the Scottish League will be starting at 11.00am for all meetings. The Downloadable Fixture List has been amended to show these changes.

Scottish League Venue - Please note that although still using the same address, the Scottish League is now using a large field for their race meetings from this weekend onwards.

Bredon Hill- Linzi Weare is now the main contact as Chairperson of Bredon Hill, you can find her contact details on the Gloucester League page.

Marshals Meeting- Please note that there is no Meeting for the Marshals on Saturday. The next Walsal Meeting for the marshals is on Saturday 28 June.

Walsall Agendas- The Agendas for the Scrutineers and Chairmans Meetings are now online. Please see the Meetings Page to view.

Cancelled Race Meetings- IF you have cancelled a race meeting please note the following: all Clubs should be in receipt of the 'postcards' that need sending to Margaret Allen to notify her of the meeting being cancelled and if you are replacing this race date. This information can be emailed to Margaret, if doing so the information required is: Name of Club / League, Race Date Cancelled, Replacement Race Date if applicable. This must be done within seven days of cancelling the race meeting. If this is not received you will not receive a refund of you Insurance for that date. Pleaes make sure Margaret is aware if you intend to replace the cancelled date with another Race Date so Insurance can be arranged. Pat Patrick will need to know about the re-arranged race date to arrange Event Permits.

Photographers- The process for photographers signing on at NASA meetings has had to change with immediate effect. This follows a clarification received from NASAs insurers in response to a query from a club official.

It is NOT permitted to sign on as a photographer using a NASA licence. This is because NASAs public liability insurance only covers you when doing what your NASA licence entitles you to do. A full competition licence entitles the holder to compete, mechanic and officiate. A mechanics licence entitles the holder to mechanic and officiate only. A members licence entitles the holder to officiate.

Photographers are working in a capacity that isn't covered by any NASA licence. Therefore they are not covered by NASA's public liability insurance, and need their own insurance if they want to enter restricted areas, at their own risk.

Photographers must sign on using Form IN3 and must present evidence of current public liability insurance. NASA as yet has no ruling on the minimum level of cover required and will take professional advice before clarifying this. As a guideline, other motor sport venues require photographers to hold £5 million public liability cover. Insurance policies specifically designed to satisfy this requirement are available at a typical cost of £15 per month.


Nottingham Signing On Sheets- The signing on sheets from Nottingham's Race Meeting on Sunday 9th March were received after the seven day limit. Therefore, any drivers who raced at that meeting will not count towards allocation figures for their respective Leagues.


Consent Forms- Please note that the consent form for an under 18 / Junior is actually in two parts. The first (three pages) needs to be signed by the parent and witnessed, the second part needs to be completed with name / address etc in the normal way. BOTH sections form part of the consent form (however, the pink part of the consent form needs to be handed to the driver and the yellow copy is to be kept by the Club). BOTH parts (i.e. the top three pages of the first part and then the white copy of the second part) need to be sent with the Licence Application to the Registration Assistant which covers your League. Part one will be returned to the Licence Holder with their licence.