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Welcome to the Home of National Autograss

Autograss is a non-contact motorsport that takes place on an oval track of, although sizes varying by venue, approximately 400m using a natural soil surface. Due to the close nature of the racing, thrills and spills are never far away, which only adds to the atmosphere, felt at all 52 Autograss venues across five countries!

There are 11 NASA classes, differing by type of set up and engine sizes, from near standard 1000cc minis through to specially designed spaceframed single seaters with monster V8 or twin motorbike power.

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Latest News - THE Place to Find Information First

2015 NEC Profiles- The profiles for the drivers in the Live Action Arena are now online on the NEC Page


2015 Class Two Vehicle Construction / Rule Book

There has been an error printed into the Class Two Construction / Rule Book. Page 13, rule 2.27 under the heading of 'Rear Passenger Compartment Doors'. This paragraph should be ignored completely as it has been included by mistake.


2015 Information Sheets (Rule Books)- The 2015 Information Sheets are now available to view, download and print. To view these Information Sheets and details about them, please see the Technical News Page.


Scrutineering System Proposal Approved- At the recent NASA AGM, Vernon Mackenzie's proposals for changes to the scrutineering system were approved and given the go ahead.

He now has the job of getting together a team of scrutineers to oversee each Class of car, as briefly explained in his proposal. Hopefully this will mean easier communication for the drivers and car builders on clarification of rules etc and make suggestions for improvement much easier, depending on Class there will be someone to contact through the normal Club and League route, if not then the person responsible for that Class will be able to help. They will have back up from the newly elected NASA Deputy Chief Scrutineer, Rob Simmonds and Vernon, NASA Director responsible for Scrutineering.


2015 NASA Meetings- The dates for the 2015 NASA Committee Meetings have been released and are now available on the 'NASA Meetings' page of this website.


FAO All NEC Live Action Drivers & NASA Static Stand Drivers- You all should have received an email regarding car / driver profiles that we require. If you have not received this email, please contact Diane Tomkinson, thanks to those that have already responded. These car / driver profiles will be available on the NEC page of this website in due course.