Signing On Sheets

To those clubs who held race meetings on Sunday 15th May, please make sure that you send the signing on sheets in to Elaine Pacey as soon as possible to make sure that they are counted towards allocation figures and to avoid your club incurring a fine if they are received late.

Please remember by not sending the sheets in on time can effect other league allocations if you had visiting drivers, and also defending National Champions.

To those Clubs holding meetings on the last weekend to count towards allocations i.e. Sunday 22nd May 2016, please make sure that all sheets are received by Elain at the latest on Wednesday 25th May 2016 so that these are counted towards allocations, which are sorted out prior to the Bank Holiday weekend.

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Walsall Meeting Agendas

All Agendas for the upcoming Walsall Meetings on Saturday 9th April are now online on the Meetings page of our website. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

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Newsletter Issue #2

Following a recent Directors meeting, please find below a link to download the second official NASA Newsletter, direct from the Board of Directors.

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Scrutineering Update

There are growing concerns about the dimensions of mini pick up bodyshells, some other body shapes have also been noted as incorrect and will be looked at, the original vehicle silhouette should be kept, as described in the class rule books.

During 2015, it became obvious that mini pick up body's were different sizes, length, height etc. NASA Checked some measurements at the Autosport Show in January and found a discrepancy of 60mm in three different cars, that was just in the rear body length.

Most of the mini pick ups racing at the moment have been made using a cut mini saloon roof and, purchased, reproduced, one piece body panels, this is a method of building a car that NASA rule books don't allow, a method that has been used for a number of years, unchallenged by members, scrutineering teams, and officials.

With this is mind and because of the amount of pick up bodyshells being used, the following will apply:


During the 2016 season, scrutineering teams will look at all modified class bodyshells, not just the mini pick up, with regard to height, length, width etc, most importantly the cars need to look right.

To measure any bodyshell accurately would uncover all sorts of problems, due to the closing of door gaps and the positioning of new panels.

The mini pick up is the only type where you can make a bodyshell out of a donar saloon car and new panels, if this is what you choose to do then it must be made to the same size as an original car, there is a diagram available.

Cars that are found to be the wrong size or shape, will be asked to correct them at their earliest convenience, with 2017 being the deadline.

Cars of any body shape, that have a boyshell that either looks or measures incorrect, and is in some way giving a technical advantage will be asked to correct them straight away, and may not be allowed to race.


For all classes, wheel arches will be closely examined, we are looking for wheel arches to return to being a good size, giving wheel / tyre coverage, and the 50mm in from the outer edge of the tyre rule to be policed. There will be a rule change for 2017, a possible reduction to 20mm or zero for 2017 with a percentage of the wheel diameter for this measurement to be taken from.