Licence and Roll Cage Tagging

1. IF your car has been tagged then the tag number MUST be put on your licence application.

2. IF your car has not been tagged yet then you CAN still apply for your licence and the information will be added to your licence once tagged.

3. IF you have bought or sold a car with a tag number on then please send an email to


Seller needs to provide:

  • Name
  • Car Number
  • Tag Number
  • Name of purchaser
  • New car number if known


Purchaser needs to provide:

  • Name
  • Car Number
  • Tag Number
  • Name of previous owner and car number.

Various tagging sessions at various meetings/venues will take place throughout 2016 with the intention that EVERY car will be tagged. You will not be allowed to race an untagged car in 2017.


Race Dates & Treasurer Details

Please remember that Margaret Allen needs to have received your race dates and / or confirmation if you are not racing. Please also send the name and address of your Treasurer.


Change of Meeting Date

Please that the next Walsall meeting scheduled for Sunday 21st February will now be held on Saturday 20th February. Please spread the word.


Autosport International

What a great weekend!

Thank yo to all who came and visited the NASA stand at the Autosport International Show this weekend, to those involved in the organisation and of course those who brought their cars to represent the sport either in the Static Stand area or Live Action Arena.. we think Autograss stole the show!

Wasn't there? Want to re-live the weekend? Well take a look at our 2016 post-show video. Three minutes can never sum up the fun and amazement Autograss put on.. but it's as close as we'll get!

Watch Video