Newsletter Issue #3

Following a recent Directors meeting, please find below a link to download the second official NASA Newsletter, direct from the Board of Directors.

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Formal Notice of NASA EGM

Dear Members, please find below links to download notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held immediately before the regular NASA Committee Meetings on Saturday 18th June 2016. The meeting takes place at Metro Inn (formerly Travelodge), Birmingham Road, Walsall, WS5 3AB.

The EGM is to deal with the formal approval of last year's accounts (linked below) and the re-appointment of the auditors. When reviewing the accounts, please note that the final printed version will be corrected to remove Liam Evans from the list of 2015 Directors and to show Derek Hardy's retirement as a Director in November 2015. Also note that the auditors' report has been pre-dated as 30 June 2016; this date will be replaced with the date that the auditors actually sign off the accounts following their approval by the members.

If you have any queries on the accounts you may of course ask questions at the EGM, but it would be helpful if you could email Jeffrey Parish any queries in advance so that I can pass your queries to Margaret.

Sometimes in the past we've failed to achieve a quorum for this meeting, meaning that we've had to do it all again later in the year. If you're not able to attend, PLEASE would you complete and return the Proxy Form to appoint another member to vote on your behalf.

As the EGM is "formal company business", a proxy must be another full member of the company (i.e. another League Chairman or Barbara Harper). You can still nominate another member of your League to attend the regular Chairmen's meeting for you, but a "League substitute" won't be able to vote in the EGM.

The Chairmen's meeting will follow the EGM and the Agenda for this can be found on the "NASA Meetings" page of this website. Please feel free to contact Diane or Jeffrey if you have any queries in respect of these meetings.

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Signing On Sheets

To those clubs who held race meetings on Sunday 15th May, please make sure that you send the signing on sheets in to Elaine Pacey as soon as possible to make sure that they are counted towards allocation figures and to avoid your club incurring a fine if they are received late.

Please remember by not sending the sheets in on time can effect other league allocations if you had visiting drivers, and also defending National Champions.

To those Clubs holding meetings on the last weekend to count towards allocations i.e. Sunday 22nd May 2016, please make sure that all sheets are received by Elain at the latest on Wednesday 25th May 2016 so that these are counted towards allocations, which are sorted out prior to the Bank Holiday weekend.

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Walsall Meeting Agendas

All Agendas for the upcoming Walsall Meetings on Saturday 9th April are now online on the Meetings page of our website. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

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