2015 Autosport International
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Date: Sunday 19 October

Club / League Start Time Type
Winter Series - Round Two
North Wales11:00amO
Shropshire & Telford11:30amRO


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Welcome to the Home of National Autograss

Autograss is a non-contact motorsport that takes place on an oval track of, although sizes varying by venue, approximately 400m using a natural soil surface. Due to the close nature of the racing, thrills and spills are never far away, which only adds to the atmosphere, felt at all 52 Autograss venues across five countries!

There are 11 NASA classes, differing by type of set up and engine sizes, from near standard 1000cc minis through to specially designed spaceframed single seaters with monster V8 or twin motorbike power.

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Latest News - THE Place to Find Information First

Minutes From October Meeting- All the minutes from the October Walsall Meetings are now online. For more information and to view these minutes, please see the NASA Meetings page.


2015 NEC / NASA Page- Please Click Here To find out the latest information about NASA at the NEC in January 2015! Including NASA Representatives as well as driver reports when published, and more upcoming news when available.


NEC Applications- The deadline for entries for applying for the 2015 NEC Autosport International has now passed. Thank you to all those who have applied to promote our sport. The accepted entries will be announced next month. Keep an eye right here for more information.


Urgent Update With Immediate Effect: Fuel Systems - Throttle Return Spring and Cable

All engines must be fitted with an "Accelerator" or "Throttle" return spring of sufficient size, strength and movement such as the fuel delivery system closes once the "Accelerator" or "Throttle" pedal is released. Note: The accelerator / throttle cable / connection system must be sufficiently routed, shielded from any heat source, and lubricated to minimise the risk of seizure.


Applications for NEC 2015

Applications are now being taken for those wishing to represent the sport at the Autosport International Show (NEC) in January 2015. There will be 20 places for the static stand.
Class 7 and 8 will be in the Live Action Arena throughout the weekend. There is a possibility for a couple of Class 5s to race with the 7s). Junior Saloons will have only 1 slot on the last show on Saturday, approximately two minutes. Please take this into consideration before applying.
If you are interested, please contact Simon Bentley, Vernon Mackenzie or Diane Tomkinson.


Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships- We would like to wish all 2014 National Champions a massive congratulations following their deserving victories. Well done to the remaining finalist and competitors, some fantastic races was seen in ever class throughout the weekend, it really was the pinnacle of the Ladies and Juniors Autograss Season. To find out where you came in the points, or indeed to take a look at who did what, please see the National Championships page.


Mens National Autograss Championships- Well what a superb meeting! Living up to expectations, the Mens National Autograss Championships produced some of the best racing seen all year in all classes. To find out exactly how every driver did at this event, the final results having been published for the first time right here on the NASA Website. Please see the National Championships page to view these results.


Ladies & Juniors National Competitors- Please Click Here to view the list of competitors


National Championship Pairings- The list of pairings for the 2014 Mens National Autograss Championships is now online. Please Click Here to view all the pairings. Please note that for now, no Class Five pairings will not be shown due to confusion (due to a technical error on the webmasters part and by no mean any fault of NASA's). We want to show the correct list first time. Hopefully the full list of Class five will be uploaded tonight (28 June)


National Pairings Draw- Find out what numbers will correspond with what driver when the draw takes place on Saturday 28 June.


Very Important Information For All Clubs- A Director was recently asked if Juniors were insured to drive breakdown trucks/recovery vehicles etc. This question was relayed to the Insurance Broker and this is the response:- Juniors will be insured to drive in the sporting classes but would not be covered to be driving any other motor vehicle or plant machinery. Drivers of such vehicles would need to hold appropriate DVLA licences. Please make sure with immediate effect this information is passed to everyone within your club and please adhere to this!


Signing On Sheets - National Allocations- Signing on Sheets from meetings taking place on Sunday 18 May 2014 need to be with Elaine Pacey at 11a Bell Close, Ratby, Leicester, LE6 0NU by the latest Wednesday 21 May to count towards allocations. DO NOT SEND RECORDED DELIVERY.