Junior Specials

These are a junior version of the adult special classes, with a full spaceframed chassis. Some are made from 'used' adult specials. The Junior Specials, just as their peers, are rear engined - rear wheel drive vehicles.

All vehicles must use a Vauxhall Corsa 1200cc engine, plus specified Vauxhall gearboxes, original style struts and driveshafts. No engine or gearbox modifications are allowed, apart from some basic reconditioning.

With cheap donor engines plentiful and older chassis' easy and cheap to come by, this can be a very economic option for the children to enter the sport. The engines and frames are often seen to last an entire five year career and beyond!

Professionally constructed cars are also available ready built or in kit form. Junior drivers must be between the ages of 12 and 16 years, although adults may drive these cars in a single Club meeting, often in specifi 'Dads' or 'Mums' races.

Click Here to take a look at the Specials rulebook.

Click Here to take a look at the Junior Special rulebook.