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Find out who to contact within the NASA Officials.

In the first instance, please send all correspondence for the National Autograss Sport Association Ltd to the Association Secretary, Diane

NASA Board of Directors

NameEmailContact Number
Margaret Allen Email 500978
Barbara Harper Email 278 5502
Vernon Mackenzie Email 459179
Jeffrey Parish Email 146133
Phil Rogers Email 040476
Martyn Tinker Email 266692
Diane Tomkinson Email 471385
Ray Wyeth Email 377197

NASA Committee

PositionNameEmailContact Number
ChairmanEmyr Evans Email 840836
NASA ScrutineerRob Simmonds Email 675542
NASA ScrutineerAdy Taylor Email 045971
NASA ScrutineerDave George Email 506681
Scrutineers' SecretaryGareth Jones Email 354375
Chief MarshallStuart Thomas Email 667220
Assistant MarshallPaddy Bubb Email
Marshalls' SecretarySandy Williams Email 684493

NASA Registration Officials

Responsible ForNameEmailContact Number
Registration Co-OrdinatorBarbara Harper Email 278 5502
East Midlands
Louise Jones Email 842237
South Wales
West Wales
Welsh Celtic
Sandy Williams Email 684493
West Midlands
Elaine Winterburn Email 840471
North Yorkshire
North Western
Barbara Gilder Email 871241
Diane Tomkinson Email 471835
East Anglian
Brenda Northmore Email 334016
Southern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Jan Ward Email 879422

Fixture Updates

It is the responsibility of the hosting Club / League to inform our webmaster if you are racing or not for your upcoming meeting so we can update the NASA website accordingly. We ask all host Clubs / Leagues to utilise this service so we can ensure that the website remains as up to date as possible and we are able to publicise your meetings appropriately.

Please email if you: cancel a meeting; change the details of a meeting; reschedule or arrange and additional fixture to those in the season NASA Fixture Book. This will be used for the purposes of publicising the meeting on the NASA Website and Official NASA Facebook Page.

Please Note - This does NOT bypass the normal routes for informing NASA of the above information. This service is purely for the use of publicising the changes on the internet so more people can be made aware. You will still need to contact NASA using the normal methods for the purposes of the Event Permits, Insurance etc.

Company Details

The National Autograss Sport Association is a Limited Company Registered in England and Wales. Our Official Company details are confirmed below:

Registered Address:
46 Brookside
PE28 2EP

Company Number:

Website Issues / Queries / Updates

For any website specific queries, or to raise any issues with this site, please contact Lee Smith at or by calling 07788207978